Summer Seals Swell Chase

After scoring some amazing 2/3ft Farm on Thursday the 30thof January the forecast was lining up for a weekend of N/E swell combined with N/E winds, so I packed Betsy my trusty Toyota Camry surf wagon and hit the road via a Friday night’s stay at a friends in Newcastle.

Saturday the 1stof February started off with a weird dream…

All I can remember was a turbulence of in and out twists and turns then boom! I broke my paddle, then I was wide awake with my mind racing one hundred miles per hour, I rolled over and checked the phone for the time, arrgghhhh!!! Its only 1.45am… After doing the trying to get back to sleep doona dance, I was stuff it! Let’s go!!! I arrived at Blueys beach at 3.30am and got a quick two hours shut eye before my alarm hummed its little tune of get up Mickie! I was greeted with a raw orange glowing sky that was shooting from the lighthouse at Seal Rocks to Boomerang beach, the light slowly made way for a spectacular start to the day with 2/3 ft off swell and a dropping tide.

The NE wind was blowing like crazy so I opted to shoot to Treachery for the cleaner conditions and although I knew the swell would be smaller I also knew that the swell from the NE always hits a great angle which sets up a right hander that runs into the headland, perfect for the 10ft SUP.

I arrived to the delight of waist to shoulder height peaking right hand runners with not a soul insight, after adapting to the crazy cross/offshore winds (even with the protection that treachery head provides) I paddled into a few fun ones and the session that would last four hours and over one hundred waves with as little as five short boarders at any time began, nose rides to take off, pump, pump round house cutties were a plenty and it was by far one of the best small wave sessions of the year thus far, the froth was real and once again my east coast knowledge prevailed.

The swell was forecasted to rise in the afternoon as the tide dropped out, so I waited patiently until 6pm for the late shift before heading to Celito’s in which I was greeted with 3/4ft in swell wrapping around the headland and cross shore conditions…

After battling the wind with the 10ft’er in the board bag, I paddled out through the corner and straight into a solid one, (if you have ever Sup’d Celito’s when its solid then you may know) The peaking rights were running into a crunchy shore break so being selective was critical from spending ten minutes on the inside copping consistent dumping shoreys on the head.

After 2 hours in the salt and snavelling a few peaky gems I headed back to the Rec club for a few beers and a snitty over sunset, what a day!

Sunday Morning conditions were very similar with a touch less wind and once again another magical sunrise to kick off the surfing day.

Once again, I hit Treachery for that perfect bank knowing it would only be 2ft, I arrived to see exactly what I expected and scored a fun two-hour session with only an elderly shortboarder.

The wind was predicted to drop during the day just as the tide was going to come in at 1.5m around midday, so I drove around for a quick nook and cranny check as well as a coffee refuel, the banks seem like they are just waiting a big swell to smash them around a bit, perhaps the next forecasted East swell and East wind combination may be what is needed for that Pacific Palms perfection, Mickies finger is always on the pulse in the land of the lazy shortboarder. Upon my nook and cranny check I noticed the wind was beginning to abate so I opted to check Seals Point, yes! She’s on! 3ft and no one out.

Lines were rolling through with a slight wobble due to the weekends onshores, but it only made it a little more challenging, a little more rough and rugged but I love these conditions. A few were braking off the point and running all the way through and then there would be wide ones which would sit up and peak in front of you which made way for a late swing to take off and a solid committed bottom turn to link up with a power turn down the line, this session was the best I have ever surfed the point, which makes me wonder how many unsurfed sessions go down here in these conditions.

With the swell fading it was time to plan for the next southerly swell event and head back south, another successful swell chase.

Thanks for reading.

Mickie – Australian Sup Life

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