Welcome To Spring

What a whirlwind three months of winter it has been!!!

Covid is still the weighted ball and chain as we walk through the sand dunes of 2020,

the once perfect point break, we knew for its consistency and perfection is now fickle,

the sand is awash, it just doesn’t break the same way that it used too.

Did I drive down the wrong secret pot holed dirt track? I am confused and bewildered, I now sit alongside uncertainty with the unknown and we talk about the past the present, but the future does not enter the conversation. The future is now! Welcome to spring.

I was extremely lucky to spend my last days of winter on the Byron to Tweed stretch rounding the season off with two super fun beachie sessions at Black Rock in Pottsville and a dreamy memorable session at pumping Lennox Head, I also met up with all round legendary frother and ripper Justin Holland in his home town of Kingscliff, although the waves didn’t come to the party it was special to talk Sup, life and everything in between.

Beforehand I ventured up to Port Stephens for the NSW state titles non – event, the crew who still made the trip were rewarded with epic down winding conditions for three consecutive days and we had a few fun waves around for the surf side of things.

I managed some really great shots for the photo annual, nothing like I had planned but it seems to be the theme of 2020 and I’ve learnt to just run with it.

I managed to get over the border prior to the second QLD border closure and although I missed basically the entire Queensland Sup community, I was fortunate enough to get a message from Paul Stumer and Laurie Stephenson from Sup club 4670 to come up and shoot their annual competition the “clearwater Classic” at the majestic Elliot Heads.

The Hospitality was all time and it was a perfect showcase of the role of Stand-Up Paddle Clubs play in the local community and as a nation-wide sup community on a whole.

Community, friendship, family.

I have been thinking about the Victorian Sup community at this time, the second lockdown must be a hard reality to deal with.

Personally I don’t pay attention to the main stream media and don’t really care for the stats, however the imposed laws and restrictions are very real just as the mental health and financial repercussions and I feel as if I may be speaking on behalf of the general Sup community by saying we feel for you in this time.

I thought I would keep it fairly brief, I have definitely been slacking in the blog and website department this winter, although I have had the luxury and freedom being constantly on the move it has also has its downsides and pitfalls, the road is slowly wearing me down but the pursuit of the 2020 photo annual and meeting so many great people who love and live sup keeps me coming back for more.

Welcome to Spring.

I have just launched the Australian Sup Life 2020 photo annual Pozible campaign, it would be amazing for your support to make this project a reality.

The link is below.

Mickie Williams – Australian Sup Life

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